Bungee Jumping


What is it? The Highland Fling bridge swing offers a bridge swing experience from a specially designed swing platform 40 metres above the River Garry. Rigged in a full body harness we quick release you from above, dropping into a free fall of around 15 metres before the rope takes the slack and you accelerate through an arc under the bungee platform where the main anchors are attached. Once the swing is over we winch you back to where you started. A safe and unforgettable adrenalin packed experience using the latest technology and safety equipment, led by experienced, qualified Bridge Swing Masters.



You can jump with a friend or a loved one, sharing is caring.

Night Jumps: This will really get you pumping, imagine jumping into the void of complete darkness, your senses will be on overload. You will not know how far you have dropped or how high you have come back up again, you know it will be an extreme buzz!!

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Bungee Jumping: Come on, need we say more?
An exhilarating 40 meter 50 mph leap of faith!

The Bungee Jump is suitable for ages 14 and up so a great family or group activity

Activity Outline:
On arrival at your activity you will be given an initial activity briefing and then issued and fitted with your safety equipment. You will then be escorted to the take off platform, given a full and final briefing prior to your bungee jump.

We will provide:
All necessary safety equipment
All instruction

What to bring:
Warm clothing
Waterproof clothing
Walking boots or sturdy trainers
Sense of Humour


£79 per person £189 Tandem Swing £69 per person

We recommend you do not bring valuables such as jewellery, travelers cheques, passports etc. No responsibility is accepted for customers belongings.


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